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Best SodaStream Flavors

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If you enjoy sparkling water to still water, and are a proud owner of a SodaStream model but have not tried flavored sparkling water, then you are missing out. Most people find the fizzy, effervescent nature of sparkling water appealing, but SodaStream flavors elevate your experience to the next level. So today, we’ll be sharing with you some of the best SodaStream flavors.

Many choose to add their flavors to their sparkling water, and though there’s nothing wrong with that, SodaStream flavors are meant to be enjoyed. Keep in mind that the amount of sugar you thrust upon your body is certainly going to be smaller than in the case of other carbonated beverages. So, if you are trying to cut down on your soda intake, SodaStream flavors are the right choice.

Even better, you can choose from various flavors, from classics like root beer and diet cola to exotic ones like coconut pineapple. Though it might require some trial and error to find your favorite flavor, you will indeed find something to satisfy your taste and thirst. Check out below some of the best SodaStream flavors for all your flavored sparkling water needs.

Best SodaStream Flavors FAQ’s

How do SodaStream falvors work?

Any flavors have to be added after the carbonation. SodaStream makes a wide range of syrups that can be added to carbonated water; many of them mimic popular soda flavors.

How do SodaStream flavors taste?

To most testers, the Cola tasted “just like Coke,” but one test subject noted, “a die-hard Coca-Cola fan would taste the difference.” The lemon-lime tasted so similar to Sprite that another test subject said, “I probably wouldn’t be able to tell that this wasn’t Sprite if I didn’t know.” In addition to brewing flavors.

Are SodaStream flavors healthy?

SodaStream’s flavor packs still contain chemicals, just like regular sodas. And even healthy-sounding SodaStream flavors, such as diet pink grapefruit, can contain food dyes that have raised questions about some negative health issues, such as hyperactivity, in some children.

Are SodaStream falvors sweetened?

Some of our flavors are sweetened, and some aren’t. Fruit Drops and bubbly dropsâ„¢ are all-natural, unsweetened flavor essences.
Classic flavors are sweetened with sugar, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, and/or stevia leaf extract. Diet/Zero flavors are sweetened with sucralose and/or stevia leaf extract and/or erythritol combinations. Organic Soda Press flavors are sweetened with sugar.

Does SodaStream offer any vegan flavors?

SodaStream actually does offer a vegan flavor option. Not only are fruit Drops all-natural, unsweetened flavor essences perfect for making great tasting sparkling water, but they are also 100% vegan.

Can you use SodaStream flavors in regular water?

You can only carbonate plain water; you can’t add carbonation directly to flavored waters. That’s because there’s a chance that the water will rise up into the SodaStream mechanism when you’re adding the gas; if the water contains other ingredients, there’s no way to clean them out.

How do you add SodaStream flavors?

Use the indicated lines on the cap of the flavor bottle to choose a normal or light sweetness level. Tilt the carbonating bottle at an angle and pour the flavor into your sparkling water. Close the bottle with the fizz-preserving cap and shake gently to mix. Enjoy your bubbles!

What are the traditional SodaStream flavors?

The most traditional flavors or classic, of course, are the cola-flavored water enhancer. Even though it doesn’t have the proprietary Coca-Cola formula, it’s still reasonably similar in the overall taste, and you can definitely detect caramel in each sip. It’s fully flavored and has a sweet bite to the taste, bringing it closer to Pepsi’s flavor overall.

Best SodaStream Flavors

sodastream Dr. Pete Syrup

Sodastream Classic options are designed to bring popular flavors to the hands of the at-home sparkling water maker. This is the perfect addition for anyone who enjoys sparkling water but wants better bubbles.

This flavor from SodaStream offers notes of cherries and vanilla. The best thing about this flavor is that it delivers a similar and unique taste to the original brand.

Unlike other SodaStream flavors that do not always replicate the same feeling as store-bought soda, this syrup is well-rounded and complex.

Best SodaStream Flavors: sodastream Dr. Pete Syrup


  • No HFCS or Aspartame
  • Less Sugar
  • 14.8 Ounces

SodaStream Ginger Ale Syrup

This is undoubtedly a healthier and more economical option when compared to store-bought ginger ale. And it offers great taste.

This is a sought-after flavor because it has the zesty taste of ginger. The amount of sweetness is just right, and though it is not a 100% match, it resembles the taste of a Canada dry.

Best SodaStream Flavors: SodaStream Ginger Ale Syrup


  • 7 liters of soda
  • Each bottle makes 36 servings
  • Caffeine-free

SodaStream Cola Flavour Soda Mix

SodaStream cola flavor soda mix contains 70% less sugar and calories compared with store-bought. It makes fresh and great-tasting Cola from tap water. Each 500ml bottle makes up to 12 liters.

Ingredients include Sugar, Water, colorant (Caramel- -E150d), Phosphoric Acid – e338, Natural flavoring, Non-nutritive Sweeteners (Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose), Acidity regulator (Sodium Citrate – e331), Caffeine.

Best SodaStream Flavors: SodaStream Cola Flavour Soda Mix


  • 70% less sugar
  • Each 500ml bottle makes up to 12 liters

SodaStream Mojito Flavour Concentrate

Turn your sparkling water into your favorite alcohol-free cocktail! This concentrate allows you to create all the sparkling drinks you love at any time of the day.

Prepare your carbonated water with the SodaStream machine, then add a concentrated measuring cap and enjoy a delicious cocktail.

The pomegranate has been a fruit famous Mediterranean since antiquity for its subtle taste. This pure 100% organic pomegranate juice, no added sugar, is your ally healthy and tastes fresh at all times of the day.

Best SodaStream Flavors: SodaStream Mojito Flavour Concentrate


  • Bottle of 50 cl
  • No Artificial Color

SodaStream Classics Mixed Pack

Make four classic flavors at home straight from the tap. Each 440 ml bottle makes up to 7-9 L.

The classics line now offers the same good signature flavors in a newly designed bottle. These syrups contain no high-fructose corn syrup and are sweetened with a blend of sugar and sucralose.

This SodaStream Classics mixed pack contains 4×440 ml bottles of the best classic flavors, including; Cola, Dr. Pete, Cream Soda, and Lemon-Lime.

Best SodaStream Flavors: SodaStream Classics Mixed Pack


  • Aspartame free
  • ‎Caffeine-free
  • ‎Alcohol-free

SodaStream Pepsi

This is SodaStreams’ signature cola flavor. Carbonate your water using your SodaStream and then add the Pepsi mix.

Perfect for parties, as a mixer, or to enjoy on its own – with SodaStream refreshment at your fingertips.

Carbonate tap water using SodaStream sparkling water maker, then add a splash of Pepsi flavor afterward.

Best SodaStream Flavors: SodaStream Pepsi


  • Drop
  • Concentrate
  • 6 x 440ml bottles

SodaStream Bubly Drops

SodaStream Raspberry Bubly Drops are a fun way to sparkle your water with raspberry flavor essence! Make your favorite bubbly sparkling water right at home with SodaStream.

One 40ml bubbly drops bottle makes about 12 liters of bubbly sparkling water. The latest way to flavor your sparkling water is by dropping on the scene with bubbly drops.

Add the drops into your Sodastream fresh sparkling water to create bubbly your way, right at home. Always fizz water before adding any flavor.

Best SodaStream Flavors: SodaStream Bubly Drops


  • No calories
  • No sweeteners

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