SodaStream bottles replacements, types and accessories

If you or someone you know lovemaking carbonated, fizzy, sparkling, or whatever you want to call it, then a SodaStream bottle could be the perfect gift this season. Today, we’ll be sharing some excellent SodaStream bottle replacements, types, and accessories for all your drinking needs.

With reusable sparkling water carbonating bottles, you can add some fun to your fizz. You’ll be doing your part to reduce single-use plastic bottles. Now you can also help reduce millions of single-use plastic bottles using tons of flavorful, good-for-you fizz and a whole lot of bubble love.

Like any leading brand of soda makers, there are different SodaStream models, each having other specs and SodaStream bottles. Check out below some of the most popular options when it comes to SodaStream bottles replacements, types, and accessories.

SodaStream Bottles FAQs

What is special about SodaStream bottles?

SodaStream bottles all have convenient markings on their outsides to let you know how far you should fill the bottle with cold water. This way, you never run the risk of accidentally filling the bottle too much and causing it to overflow when you add carbonation.

Do all SodaStream bottles fit all machines?

Sparkling water makers are compatible with different bottles. The 0.5-liter plastic carbonating bottles are compatible with the Spirit™, Spirit One Touch™, Jet™, Genesis™, Splash Play™, Source™, Cool™, and Power™ Sparkling Water Makers.

What bottles are compatible with SodaStream?

Slim 1L plastic carbonating bottles are compatible with the Fizz, One Touch, Genesis, Splash Play, Source, and Power Sparkling Water Makers. The 0.5-liter plastic carbonating bottles are compatible with the Fizz, One Touch, Jet, Genesis, Splash Play, Source, Cool, and Power Sparkling Water Makers.

Why do SodaStream bottles need to be replaced?

These bottles come with an expiry date because the bottle’s durability has been tested to be safe for usage until that date. The main factors why SodaStream bottles get weaker and need to be replaced are: Wear and Tear from constant carbonation.

Can you use other bottles with SodaStream?

If you manage to find a regular bottle that can fit into the carbonation nozzle, you can use it just like any other kind of bottle.

What are the types of SodaStream bottles?

  • SodaStream bottles can either be plastic or glass. Plastic bottles can be slim or standard. Slim ones are usually 11 inches tall, while the standard ones are 9 inches tall. Both are the 1-liter kind.
    The bottles are specifically designed to suit the soda maker machine’s height. The half-liter plastic bottles are 8 inches tall, and the glass carafes are about 10 inches.
  • SodaStream offers several varieties of water bottles, all sized for most of their soda maker models or the Aqua Fizz, specifically.
  • The major difference between these two water bottle types is their material. The Aqua Fizz only accepts glass carafe water bottles that hold 620 mL of fluid. These glass carafes are dishwasher safe, making them much easier to clean than their plastic counterparts.
  • The Sodastream bottles that are made of plastic are not dishwasher safe. The plastic bottles come in much more variety in terms of color or design.
  • Several plastic bottles come with decorative designs or slightly different aesthetics; for example, you can get a few plastic bottles with stainless steel bottoms and caps, which look sleek and are more hygienic than plastic bottoms and caps.

SodaStream bottles replacements, types, and accessories

Sodastream bottles dishwasher safe

0.5 Liter Dishwasher Safe Bottle

My Only Bottle brings you from your kitchen to on the go! Our first bottle is designed for you to carry everywhere you go.

The easy-carry loop makes your beverage hands-free and is a stylish accessory. The plastic bottle is Dishwasher-Safe and BPA-free for easy cleaning and peace of mind.

My Only Bottle is safe to be washed in your dishwasher and BPA-Free. It is recommended to use for bubbly drinks until the expiration date but can continue operating for flatwater for as long as you like. The easy-carry loop cap is hand wash only.

SodaStream Bottles: 0.5 Liter Dishwasher Safe BottlePin


  • BPA-Free
  • Easy-cleaning
  • Easy-carry loop

Glass Carafe

For the discerning bubble enthusiast, this stylish dishwasher-safe glass carafe elevates your sparkling water.

The caps on our carbonating bottles create an airtight seal, keeping your sparkling water fizzy for up to 2 weeks.

The 620ml glass carafes are dishwasher safe and only compatible with the Aqua Fizz, Crystal, and Penguin.

SodaStream Bottles: Glass CarafePin


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Glass
  • 620ml

Sodastream bottle caps

Glass Carafe Caps Twin Pack

Keep your SodaStream beverages fresh and fizzy with a new set of bottle caps. These hermetically-sealed caps maintain carbonation longer, and new caps will extend the life of your bottles.

Small but mighty bottle caps create an airtight seal when used with our carbonating bottles. Fits both 1- and 1/2-liter bottles. Match cap colors with bottles.

That means that your sparkling water can stay carbonated for up to 2 weeks in the fridge if left unopened.

SodaStream Bottles: Glass Carafe Caps Twin PackPin


  • Plastic
  • Color match to your soda bottles
  • Retain carbonation longer

Loop Bottle Caps

Multi-functional caps allow you to take your sparkling water with you on the go with a convenient carrying loop.

These come in a set, so you’ll always have an extra on hand. Loop caps are DWS and designed to fit all bottle types and sizes.

SodaStream Bottles: Loop Bottle CapsPin


  • Loop Caps
  • Black
  • Set of two


Bottle Brush

For ease-of-use bottles, maintenance looks no further than the SodaStream Bottle Brush. Keep your bottle sparkling with the SodaStream Bottle Brush.

The Bottle Brush makes those hard-to-clean parts of the bottle a lot more effortless and ensures no dirty residue sits inside of the bottle.

BPA-free plastic bottles are hand washed only. Wash well with your SodaStream bottle brush. The bottle brush can be used with all SodaStream bottles.

SodaStream Bottles: Bottle BrushPin


  • It gets to all parts of the bottle

Bottle Cover for SodaStream Glass Carafe

Protective cover for SodaStream glass Carafe, its perfect fit for your SodaStream Crystal glass carafe, glass bottle.

Provides adequate protection from scratches, bumps, and knocks and reduces the risk of injury: the protective cover is very robust and tear-resistant.

SodaStream Bottles: Bottle Cover for SodaStream Glass CarafePin

If the SodaStream glass bottle breaks, all the shards remain in the protective cover. Thanks to the smooth zipper, it is very easy for you to put in and take out the bottle.


  • Effective protection
  • Tear-resistant
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