How to Clean SodaStream Bottles

Ultimate Guide: How to Clean SodaStream Bottles in 6 Steps

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Cleaning SodaStream bottles properly is important to ensure they remain hygienic and safe for use. A few important things to note; SodaStream bottles are not dishwasher safe unless explicitly stated on the bottle. Always check the label or user manual to make sure. Also, don’t use boiling water or heat to clean the bottles as it could warp the plastic.

How to Clean SodaStream Bottles – 6 Easy Steps

How to Clean SodaStream Bottles
Ultimate Guide: How to Clean SodaStream Bottles in 6 Steps 1

Here’s How to Clean SodaStream Bottle in just 6 steps:

With Dish Soap

  1. Rinse With Warm Water: Start by rinsing your SodaStream bottle with warm water. This will help loosen any residue stuck inside the bottle.
  2. Use Dish Soap or a Bottle Cleaner: Add a few drops of mild liquid dish soap or SodaStream’s own bottle cleaner into the bottle. If you’re using dish soap, ensure it’s not a type that’s highly fragrant or flavored, as it could leave an aftertaste in the bottle.
  3. Shake The Bottle: Fill the bottle up to about a quarter with warm water. Put the cap on and shake the bottle vigorously to ensure the soapy water reaches all areas inside the bottle.
  4. Let It Sit: Let the soapy water sit inside the bottle for around 10-20 minutes. This helps to break down any stubborn residue or bacteria.
  5. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse the bottle thoroughly with warm water until all the soap is gone. Make sure to rinse the cap too.
  6. Dry Properly: Leave the bottle upside down in a drying rack to air dry. Ensure it’s completely dry before storing it away to prevent bacterial growth.

With Water Tablets

How to Clean SodaStream Bottles
Ultimate Guide: How to Clean SodaStream Bottles in 6 Steps 2

Another Excellent tip regarding How to Clean SodaStream Bottles is that you can use SodaStream Cleaning Tablets, they are super easy to use:

Cleaning Tablets

Cleaning Tablets

  • Fill your SodaStream water bottle with lukewarm water.
  • Place one tablet inside.
  • Put the lid on and shake until the tablet dissolves.
  • Turn the bottle upside down and wait for 15 minutes.
  • Tip out and rise two to three times.

Removing Odors and Stains

How to Clean SodaStream Bottles
Ultimate Guide: How to Clean SodaStream Bottles in 6 Steps 3
  • Fill the water botler with lukewarm water.
  • Squeeze juice from 1/2 a lemon.
  • Close the bottle and Shake
  • Wait 15 minutes
  • Rinse 2-3 times.
  • Drain Upside Down until it’s completely dry.
How to Clean SodaStream Bottles Tutorial Video

Can SodaStream Bottles Go in the Dishwasher?

Whether or not a SodaStream bottle can go in the dishwasher depends on the specific model of the bottle. Some SodaStream bottles, such as the ones that come with the TERRA Sparkling Water Maker, are indeed dishwasher-safe up to 70°C temperatures.

However, the majority of SodaStream bottles are not dishwasher safe. Using a dishwasher to clean these bottles could cause them to warp and become unusable due to the high heat and water pressure. It is recommended to hand wash these bottles using warm water and dish soap instead.

If you are uncertain whether your SodaStream bottle is dishwasher safe, it’s always best to check the label on the bottle or refer to the user manual.

When cleaning a dishwasher-safe SodaStream bottle in a dishwasher, it’s recommended to place the bottle on the lower rack of the dishwasher. Also, avoid placing it directly over the heating element, especially in older dishwashers, to prevent the bottle from getting too hot and deforming.

In summary, while some SodaStream bottles are dishwasher safe, many are not, and it’s crucial to verify this before cleaning your bottle in a dishwasher.

How to Clean the Caps of the SodaStream Bottles?

How to Clean SodaStream Bottles
Ultimate Guide: How to Clean SodaStream Bottles in 6 Steps 4

Cleaning the caps of SodaStream bottles is as important as cleaning the bottles themselves. Here are some steps gathered from various sources on how to clean them effectively:

  1. Rinse: Begin by rinsing the cap under warm water to remove any immediate residue.
  2. Soak: You can soak the cap in a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap. Some sources also suggest using a solution of three parts water and one part vinegar for soaking.
  3. Scrub: Use a small brush or a toothbrush to scrub the inside and outside of the cap. Make sure to reach into all the nooks and crannies where residues might hide.
  4. Rinse Again: After scrubbing, rinse the cap thoroughly under running water to ensure all soap or cleaning solution is completely washed off.
  5. Dry: Finally, let the cap air dry completely before using it again. You can place it upside down on a clean, dry towel or a drying rack.

Remember, it’s essential to clean the caps regularly to ensure your sparkling water stays fresh and clean. Please note that SodaStream caps should not be placed in the dishwasher

What NOT to Do When Cleaning glass bottles?

Cleaning glass bottles requires careful handling and appropriate cleaning methods. Here are some things you should avoid doing when cleaning glass bottles:

How to Clean SodaStream Bottles
Ultimate Guide: How to Clean SodaStream Bottles in 6 Steps 5
  • Don’t Use Scalding Hot Water: While warm water can help in cleaning, using scalding hot water can risk cracking or breaking the glass, especially if it’s cold before washing.
How to Clean SodaStream Bottles
Ultimate Guide: How to Clean SodaStream Bottles in 6 Steps 6
  • Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Tools: Avoid using metal scrubbers or other abrasive tools as they can scratch the glass surface.
  • Don’t Use Strong Chemicals: Some strong chemicals could leave a residue or smell in the bottle. Always opt for mild dish soap or natural cleaning solutions like vinegar.
How to Clean SodaStream Bottles
Ultimate Guide: How to Clean SodaStream Bottles in 6 Steps 7
  • Don’t put them in the Freezer: The freezing process can cause damage and pose safety risks. When water freezes, it expands, which could lead to the bottle cracking or rupturing. The extreme cold can also make the plastic brittle, further increasing the risk of damage. Freezing can impact the carbonation process too, potentially preventing the water from carbonating properly. In the worst-case scenario, the pressure from the expanding ice and the carbonation process could cause the bottle to explode. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep SodaStream bottles at room temperature or in the refrigerator without the cap, if you prefer your water cold.
  • Don’t Force a Brush: If the bottle has a narrow neck, don’t force a brush that doesn’t fit into it. This could break the bottle. Instead, try using uncooked rice, salt, or sand with a little bit of soapy water, cover the top, and shake.
How to Clean SodaStream Bottles
Ultimate Guide: How to Clean SodaStream Bottles in 6 Steps 8
  • Avoid Dishwasher Unless Specified: Not all glass bottles are dishwasher safe. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before placing a glass bottle in the dishwasher.
  • Don’t Neglect the Caps: If the bottle has a cap, don’t forget to clean it. Bacteria can build up on the cap and contaminate the bottle.

How To Care Your SodaStream Water Bottles to Extend Their Use?

Proper care of your carbonating bottles can significantly extend their lifespan and ensure they remain safe and effective for use. Here are some tips to keep your SodaStream or other carbonating bottles in excellent condition:

  1. Clean Regularly: Regular cleaning is essential to prevent the build-up of bacteria and residue. Using warm water and a mild dish soap, clean the bottles after every few uses, or at least once a week if you use them daily.
  2. Dry Thoroughly: After washing, always let the bottles air dry completely before storing them. Moisture left inside can promote bacterial growth.
  3. Store Properly: Store your bottles in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Sunlight and heat can degrade the plastic over time.
  4. Don’t Overfill: Avoid filling your bottle past the indicated line. Overfilling can cause pressure build-up which may lead to damage.
  5. Use within Expiry Date: SodaStream bottles come with an expiration date printed on them. This is because the plastic can degrade over time, especially under the pressure of carbonation. Be sure to replace your bottles when they reach this date.
  6. Avoid Dishwasher (Unless Specified): Most carbonating bottles are not dishwasher safe and should be hand-washed only. The heat from the dishwasher can warp the plastic.
  7. No Hot Liquids: Never use the bottles for hot beverages. They are designed for cold liquids only, and hot liquids could warp or damage the bottle.
  8. Use Correct Caps: Always use the cap that came with the bottle. Other caps may not seal properly, causing the gas to escape and possibly leading to a build-up of pressure.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your carbonating bottles last as long as possible and continue to provide you with fresh, fizzy drinks whenever you want them.

Final Thoughts Regarding How to Clean SodaStream Bottles

Cleaning SodaStream bottles properly is crucial to maintain their longevity, ensure the freshness of your beverages, and prevent bacterial growth. Regular hand washing with warm water and mild dish soap is recommended, followed by thorough air drying. Avoid using hot water or abrasive tools that could damage the plastic. Also, remember to clean the bottle caps as they can harbor bacteria. Never put SodaStream bottles in the dishwasher unless they’re specifically marked as dishwasher safe.

Finally, it’s important to note that SodaStream bottles have an expiry date, after which they should be replaced for safety reasons. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to keep your SodaStream bottles in top condition and enjoy fresh, fizzy drinks whenever you want.

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